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Stuart Bourhill male Web Developer from ZA

Do you prefer hot or cold weather? What is your favourite season? Why?

Hot. Humid. Summer. Preferably at the beach. The moist air removes the need for a blanket at night. The sun coming up early. Fuller days. Summer is good for the mind and body I think. Winter has some pros too - if you have a fireplace.

Isa 35 years old female QA product design from BG

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

I wanted to be a cosmonaut- I couldn't imagine anything more interesting and exciting. Also a singer, I still like to sing and am contemplating the option to get singing classes but I am terribly shy and probably won't do it.
Also I wanted to sell bread, but without taking money- I thought it was up to the person who sells it- quite silly. While I still want the first two, this one I totally don't want anymore.

Will 18 years old male youtuber from GB

What is your biggest secret that you would share anonymously?

I actually don't care about YouTube that much. Some people go on like oh I love you guys (subs) so much, you make it all worth it, this is the best job I could ever ask for... I mean it's alright but I make stupid prank videos, it's not a job :P

Larisa 29 years old female Graphic Designer/Educator

This member hasn't answered any questions.

Ruba Dub 33 years old female Engineer from BG

Have you ever cheated on a partner? How did you feel?

I did. Actually it helped me realize that I'm no longer in love with my partner. It hapened only that one time.

Seamus 42 years old male Night Clerk at a gas station from US

If you died or went missing, who and why would miss you?

The first people would be my coworkers. They would probably call my friend, S., who works with me on occasion and is on the boss's speed dial.

Then my Father.

Other people would just likely think that I flaked out.

Toli 28 years old male philology from RU

What do you find stupid? Why?

To believe that anything apart from your attitude matters.

Seregon male CEO from BG

How do you decide if you can trust someone?

I don't. Out of necessity I have to act as if I trust someone but I never actually do. I just accept the risk. This does not count as trust, does it?

Sophia 37 years old female Barrister from BM

What is your most treasured possession?

My little pug dog. I love him so much

Emilie arouet 27 years old female paris from FR

As a child, were you popular? What made you so?

Iwas regarded as the weird girl at the bottom of the classroom, always caught up doing strange things.
For example, i was playing with stabilos putting as defense on both side of my mouth. The teacher said "we don't need walrus in our classrooms". And everybody watched at me an laughed. One day i was playing football with my bestfriend Arthur, and i have been stuck with a rock inside my nose. All the classroom was laughing.