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Looking for any gender person 29 years old for a model of my fictional character.

Leda Meda 29 years old female from BG

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KStr 29 years old female

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Tanya 29 years old female from BG

Do you have any heroes or idols, either contemporary or from legend? What makes them special to you?

I have never had idols in my life. I've been inspired and influenced by many artists, philosophers, writers, but had never made idols out of them. and I don't get it when people start idolising other people and go crazy over someone , it's just weird to me.

stereoPOR 29 years old male Dentist from BG

Under what circumstances would you tell a lie?

I guess as a form of surprise for someone, when it is needed. The negative side - I guess when I try to avoid conflicts that I'm really tired of.

Minå Mė 29 years old female Artist from BG

Have you started your own family? If so, describe them. If not, do you want to? Why or why not?

The whole world is my family, I have friends/relatives all over the world.
I believe that we know eachother from the times before the times, each person that we meet in our life could have been your relative, friends could have been enemies, enemies could have been parents and so on .

Nara 29 years old female Daydreamer from BG


Which are your favourite books/writers? How did they move you?

I don't have any favourite writers. As for the books:
The Seducer's Diary-Søren Kierkegaard
Brave New World Revisited-Aldous Huxley
The Passion According to G.H.-Clarice Lispector
Traveller-Michael Katakis
Salt- Nayyirah Waheed
Avalanche- Blaga Dimitrova among many others

Niya 29 years old female Team leader from BG

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dgotova 29 years old female Trader from BG

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Rocksoll 29 years old female rock singer analyst product maker composer from BG

What gestures do you make when feeling uncomfortably talking with someone?

I start blushing.At first ten seconds i try to defence myself,which i know is wrong.If i menage to put myself together ,i find calmness i proceed the conversation the best way .

Velislav Ivanov 29 years old male Employed from BG

What words would others probably use to describe you?

Patient, ambitious, charming, calm, sarcastic