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Looking for any gender person 37 years old for a model of my fictional character.

Dan 37 years old male Sales manager from GB

What gestures do you make when you are talking with someone?

I nod all the time, so that people know I'm listening. I'm mostly not, actually, and it's just to make them think I am.

Tyrone 37 years old male Sales manager from GB

Whom (if anyone) would you tell your biggest secret?

My parents, at least I would have before they passed away, and my wife. My wife I tell almost everything. I don't tell her when I screw something up though, I find that embarrassing.

VonGugun 37 years old female from BG

This member hasn't answered any questions.

Rachel 37 years old female journalist from GB

Are you a sportive person? What are your favourite sports?

No, not anymore. I used to follow the football because one of my ex-boyfriends did, but when we split I didn't carry on.

Sophia 37 years old female Barrister from BM

If someone is flirting with you what should be their most successful tactics?

Just make me laugh and I'm all yours