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Looking for any gender person from BG for a model of my fictional character.

George 30 years old male Entrepeneur from BG

What really moves you, or touches you to the soul?

Jazz music, happy children, people helping other people or animals, love.

Diliana 32 years old female to do what i like from BG

How rich is your imagination? Do you daydream a lot? Do you live in memories?

Rich enough i suppose. Daydreams i called visualization. I am trying to live in the present moment, not in the past or future.

Ruba Dub 33 years old female Engineer from BG

What do you have in your refrigerator?

Oranges, lemons, avocado, humus, olives, spinach, gauda, white wine, ice...

Марияна 51 years old female from BG

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Raya A. 27 years old female Photographer from BG

If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Stay strong. If you fight strong enough, you can get out of everything.

Radost 31 years old female from BG

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Kalina 35 years old female Set designer/architect from BG

How do you think of your children (if any)? How do you feel about them? How do you treat them?

I am a young mother but I love my child more and more every single day. He likes when I sing to him, when I play fir him. I like very much that I am able to make him laugh!

richie 25 years old female archaeologist from BG

What bothers you most about other people?

How it seems that for them it's too easy to communicate with people they don't like, whereas the same is too difficult for me.

Malik 30 years old female sofia from BG

If you were a billionaire, what would you do to make the world a better place?

First I will spend money to feed the hungry and poor people around the world. I will try to find water in Africa, not on Mars... Also I will invest money in charity.

Max 39 years old male Engineer from BG

Tell an interesting dream you've recently had.

I dreamed that my mother is very sick and my brother kidnapped my girlfriend to extort me for money for the operation. And I am mad at him, because I would gave the money anyways.