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Looking for a female person for a model of my fictional character.

IYSAYKI 19 years old female

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Livia 43 years old female Chef from IT

What is your happiest childhood memory? What makes it so special?

A rollercoaster my father took us with my brother. I was scared and started to cry but my brother told me to imagine I was in the space shuttle flying to see the Martians and I was glad waiting to meet them.

Incheto 28 years old female Free soul from BG

Which are your favourite movies? How did they move you?

Into the wild, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, Forest Gump. The Freedom of the spirit unites these movies.

Stacey 35 years old female Secretary from AU

Do you prefer hot or cold weather? What is your favourite season? Why?

I prefer hot weather. My favourite season is summer so that I can go to the beach, tan and read chick-lit novels, relaxing before I have to go back to work on Monday morning.

violina 24 years old female

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Alice female Pop Music Performer from GB

If you died or went missing, who and why would miss you?

My audience, my country and the whole world. But I'm not going to die because my songs will live forever.

Orelie 31 years old female IT consultant from BG

How do you spend a typical Saturday night?

Saturdays I am usually out of Sofia doing some sports: rafting, skiing, swimming.

richie 25 years old female archaeologist from BG

When and with whom was your first kiss? How did you feel?

It was with a boy I had met online. All my friends had already had their first kisses so I didn't want to fall behind. And I really liked the boy. Didn't like the kiss though

Ivona 26 years old female from BG

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Jollyana 26 years old female Freelance Copywriter Teacher Translator Dreamer from BG

Which are the events that significantly turned your life?

My parents' divorce. It has affected so many areas of my life, I am afraid there are still issues unresolved out there. And they divorced more than 15 years ago.