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Looking for a male person for a model of my fictional character.

Jose 36 years old male chess player from US

What is the quality you most like in a man and in a woman?

Whether they can play chess :) It means you can think, plan, and sit quietly for more than three minutes. These are things that are essential for me to want to spend time with you.

Max 39 years old male Engineer from BG

As a child, who were your friends, and what were they like?

I had one best friend and he was very intelligent and introvert. He was also into arts, he draw paintings and played on drums.

Andy male pilot from GB

This member hasn't answered any questions.

Dr David 56 years old male Spiritual Healer from US

What do you believe makes a successful life?

I believe that following your dreams and following your intuition in everything makes a successful life.

Svetoslav 28 years old male writer from BG

What do you have in your pockets?

Keys, smartphone, headphones and a pocket-sized book.

Will 18 years old male youtuber from GB

Which are the events that significantly turned your life?

When I first started on YouTube I obviously didn't have any subscribers at all... When I'd made like twenty videos I still only had maybe 9 subscribers. But somebody thought something I made was funny, posted it to Reddit, and that slowly got me started!

Ray 29 years old male Wheeler Dealer from IE

What do you look for in a potential lover?

someone i can use mostly. they must have some money to buy everything when i'm with them. i pretend I'm waiting to get paid and make excuses and hook them in to fall head over heels for me. it usually works but only on a certain type of girl

Seamus 42 years old male Night Clerk at a gas station from US

As a child, were you popular? What made you so?

No, I didn't belong. I was the weird guy, the one who was an outsider, a minority of one.

Seregon male CEO from BG

How do you decide if you can trust someone?

I don't. Out of necessity I have to act as if I trust someone but I never actually do. I just accept the risk. This does not count as trust, does it?

Ted 24 years old male unemployed from US

What's the worst humiliation you've ever experienced?

My ex girlfriend breaking up with me at the mall. Like why the fuck would you do that in public?