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Looking for a male person for a model of my fictional character.

Seamus 42 years old male Night Clerk at a gas station from US

Who are your friends? Do you have a best friend? Describe these people.

My best friend is Sandra. She's a cold, hard gay woman with a razor sharp wit and the ability to frell with you. She's loyal and good, and hard working too.

Viktor 30 years old male Photographer from BG

What is your experience with drugs?

Beautiful and constant. I prefer recreational use for a peace of mind in the right scenery.

Marco 28 years old male student from DE

This member hasn't answered any questions.

Jerry 32 years old male call centre worker from IN

Under what circumstances would you tell a lie?

Sometimes I must lie in my job to be convincing... But it is always in your benefit!!

cataphractus male writer from BG

If you could choose, how would you want to die?

Like the most of the old animals - in a secluded place, calmly and silently.

stereoPOR 29 years old male Dentist from BG

If you could be an animal, what would it be? Why?

Dragon, due to the things that it symbolizes.

Gordon 38 years old male Property developer from GB

If you could choose, how would you want to die?

Suddenly. Preferably something like falling, or something falling on me.

Dr David 56 years old male Spiritual Healer from US

What do you find stupid? Why?

I sometimes find people that poo poo spiritual healing stupid. They do not understand how effective it is and would maybe understand if they gave it a chance. They are too small minded to accept that there is a bigger power in the world than them

Ignation 31 years old male Architect from BG

Which are your favourite books/writers? How did they move you?

Terry Pratchett - which shows me real power of sarcasm, humor in serious stuff and severity in funny things.
Isaak Asimov (and many more sci-fi writers) - which help me think "outside the box".

Phaedrus 41 years old male Filmmaker from BG


What is the one thing that prevents you from being truly happy?

The distant dreams and the high goals I'm imposing formyself. If you're a fly and you just fly, wouldn't you be truly happy?