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Looking for a male person for a model of my fictional character.

Viktor 30 years old male Photographer from BG

What, in the outside world, is preventing you from getting what you want?

Corruption and demotivated people. You need a team to accomplish something that's worthy.

Christopher 22 years old male drug dealer from US

What gestures do you make when you are talking with someone?

I point and stare a lot. At people. If they're trying to fuck around with me

MJFSound 23 years old male Audio Engineer from US

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Ray 29 years old male Wheeler Dealer from IE

What would you do if you had insomnia and had to find something to do to amuse yourself?

I always have insomnia so i can tell you what i do and that is facebook stalking my exes and their new bfs. i hate seeing them with other people but i know that i didn't always show much feeling or emotion to them and argued too much and picked fights so all these thoughts keep me awake at night

Charlie 29 years old male Sales advisor from GB

Do you have a spouse or significant other? If so, describe this person.

Nope. I like to imagine that I do though, so that I feel less pathetic, since it's been a fair few years.

Stefan 51 years old male Directior from BG

What goal do you most want to accomplish in your lifetime?

To fill the world with laughter and light

Ignation 31 years old male Architect from BG

How do you feel about same sex marriages?

If people want to do that, I'm not the one who'll stop them.

Seregon male CEO from BG

How do you decide if you can trust someone?

I don't. Out of necessity I have to act as if I trust someone but I never actually do. I just accept the risk. This does not count as trust, does it?

UAMRPL 35 years old male Video Art from UA

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Donald 71 years old male President from US

When and how did you decide to become what you are today?

I've had a clear idea of who I wanted to be since I was a young man. I am not that young anymore, but now I am rich, famous and I have fucked the most beautiful women in the world! So, I have become a better version of what I wanted to be as a boy, don't you think?