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Looking for any gender Photographer for a model of my fictional character.

Lora 30 years old female Photographer from BG

What is one physical attribute you are proud of and which one would you change?

I like my hands.
I would change my butt.

Viktor 30 years old male Photographer from BG

Which are your favourite music performers/composers? How did they move you?

I've been exploring music all my life. Now, I like indie folk artists, because they have something to tell me.

Raya A. 27 years old female Photographer from BG

What is the quality you most like in a man and in a woman?

Passion about life.. about anything actually.

Veifa 33 years old female photographer from BG

Have you ever had intimate relationships with a person of the same sex? How did it feel?

Yes, when I was a kid. It was interesting, but the excitement wasn't the same like the current sexual excitement.