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Looking for any gender rock singer for a model of my fictional character.

Rocksoll 29 years old female rock singer analyst product maker composer from BG

Tell an interesting story you've recently experienced.

Yesterday i went to rehearse with my musicians and i found the bar(that i'm rehearsing in)fulled with people from one of our local television.It turns out they told everyone but me.So my first thought was"God,i'm so happy i stop by my place to bath".That was it because the place i work as an analyst is close to the kitchen we prepare children food and so everywhere smells a little bit of unpleasant.Let just say that i moved to Veliko Tarnovo,two months ago,and having a band already was a miracle by itself.So when the filming ended, the rehearsal ended with a proposal for a gig.I did not see that coming.I felt like i can fly,walking.It is just a concert,but apparently it means the world to me.After two short months and i'm already "in the game".The past ten years i lived in the capital,Sofia,and miracles like that just didn't happen.My first gig was after two years living there,so now i feel myself at the right place,with the right people,i am truly happy now.